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As lockdown restrictions continue to ease for most of us in the UK, and ‘shielding’ comes to a pause, we thought we might share some of our favourite products for making summer outings a little bit easier!


Now required for shops and many indoor public spaces, face coverings have become the new must have accessory in our lives.

If you want to avoid disposable masks, lots of options for reusable masks* have been springing up, and there’s such a variety that you’ll be sure to find something that matches your style!

Julia Collins Andreu has curated a great list of ideas from independent makers here but there are many, many more, and many are supporting great causes!

*Cloth coverings are do not provide the same level of protection as medical masks.


Some people are exempt from wearing face coverings, for medical reasons and hidden disabilities, and many in that group have the added anxiety of being questioned when they go out.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme was launched in 2016, at major UK airports, and has now been more widely adopted in transport, leisure and retail industries. Wearing the sunflower lanyard discreetly indicates to people around you including staff and health professionals that you need additional support, help or a little more time, and could help to indicate to people why you may not be wearing a face mask. You can buy one from the website, but can also pick them up free in many of the large UK supermarket chains.


Reusable water bottles have become much more popular as a way to reduce plastic waste and in the current climate, when access to refreshments is reduced and people are seeking activities away from the usual hubub, a good water bottle is even more of a must!

For some people carrying your own bottle is essential for access as it’s not possible to drink from a glass or mug. Of course different people have very different access needs so there’s no one size fit’s all but we wanted to highlight the Miracle 360 cup by Munchkin as it’s a stylish mainstream product with some great inclusive features!

For anyone who needs something spill proof and with restricted flow this is a fab solution.

As the name would suggest, you can drink from any side of the cup and there is no spout or straw that needs to be opened or closed. They come in a variety of styles for all ages, including handles or no handles, stainless steel and a larger capacity ‘grown up’/gym bottle range too!

It’s made up of 3 simple parts with no hidden crevices for germs to breed, and is easily taken apart for washing!


We already love Bundlebean for their warm wheelchair cosies for the cooler weather, and are excited to see they have launched a new cooling towel for the hot weather! For anyone who isn’t able to regulate their body temperature, or who finds the heat overwhelming or uncomfortable, these towels are a perfect size to put around your neck or around your wrists to help cool you down!

They come in a handy little bottle that keeps them cool for up to 3 hours! It has a carabiner clip handle, so can easily be attached to your backpack or wheelchair.


For young wheelchair users and children who need trunk support, it’s sometimes tricky to get close to the action!

The Splashy bath seat from Firefly by Lecky might be able to provide a solution!

Finished in a soft comfortable foam, in a choice of fun bright colours. It is designed to be portable and it comes with a floor sitter stand that can be used on almost any ground surface, so as well as being able to take it with you to use in holiday accommodation, the portability means it can be used for so many other things to help you make the most of your adventures…. waterplay in the garden, take it to the park for picnics, the beach to explore the sand and even out in the snow! As it’s main design function is a bath seat, it therefore doesn’t matter if it gets wet, so no soggy wheelchair cushions, and is super easy to clean. The original size suits approximately age 1 – 8years, and the Splashy Big from age 8 – 14 years.


If you are planning a trip to the beach, the splash park or the paddling pool in the garden, you’ll find a great selection of swimwear for people with incontinence issues on Incy Wincy’s website!

They have a great range of styles for children, from 3 months old, through to adult, with built in protection to give you the confidence to relax and have fun!


And of course wherever you may go you’ll need to take some refreshments with you!

Have you seen the fab range of lunchbags on our sister company Bibetta’s website?

Made of neoprene they are naturally insulating, keeping food and drinks at the right temperature, and they're stretchy so you'll be able to fit all lunchtime essentials in easily!

Another big bonus is that they are washable, by hand or in the washing machine, keeping them clean, fresh and hygenic, so they would make a perfect bag for tube feeding equipment or meds too!

We’d love to know what products help you get out and about, especially in these uncertain times. It’s always great to share good inclusive design!


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