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Keeping Warm and Dry Outside During Winter as a Wheelchair User

Posted by Care Designs on

As lockdown restrictions continue in the UK, and the weather turns colder, we have been thinking about how we can comfortably carry on getting out, and have gathered together a list of products we think might fit the bill and help you keep warm and dry during these cold winter months.

1. Wheelchair Cosy

BundleBean’s Wheelchair Cosy’s (Kids £39.99 Adults £44.99) are perfect for keeping you warm and dry.

It is easy to fit with no fiddly fixings, non-restrictive and waterproof, perfect for venturing out during wet winter days. Big kids love our signature pouch pocket to keep special things to hand. Waterproof, warm and easy to stow in its own stuff-sac! Available for both children and adults.

2. An Oat Warmer e.g. Microwavable warmers to pop on your lap £9.95

WheatyBags® Original Heat Pack can either be used as a microwave heating pack or an ice pack from the freezer. This product is an excellent heated body warmer for pain relief and can be used on almost all body areas and will retain its heat for a good length of time. Pop one of these on your lap to help you stay warm and cosey during these cold winter months.

There are many options available so you can personalise the product to suit your taste, with the lavender wheat bag being a popular choice known for its relaxing properties.

3. Hand and foot warmers – ideal if you have poor circulation

Hand and foot warmers are a great way to keep you warm and cosy if you suffer with poor circulation. These Hotteeze Hand (£1.84 incl. VAT) and Foot Warmers (£2.99 incl. VAT) are individually wrapped warmers that help to keep hands and feet warm and help increased blood flow. 

The hand warmers can be held in your hand, kept in your pocket or even tucked into gloves to keep hands and fingers warm and supplies the user with up to 10 hours of heat making them ideal for those cold winter months and those users with poor circulation.

The foot warmers are excellent at reducing joint stiffness and inflammation while aiding blood flow to the feet. Easy to use by opening the packet and removing the adhesive paper and sticking to the outside of your sock, but be careful not to stick the Hotteeze directly onto your skin. After use, the contents can be sprinkled onto your garden to feed the earth. An excellent product for individuals who suffer from Raynaud's, Arthritis or who simply feel the cold easily.

4. A snood (£9.99)

Scarves can be a bit bulky and awkward and trailing near wheels can be
an issue, so a snood is handy to pop on over your head to help keep your core warm.

We like Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Face Snood with anti-bacterial protection.

The Sunflower face snood is a multi-use antimicrobial face-covering made of 100% polyester microfiber with silver ion antibacterial auxiliaries. Soft and comfortable to wear with protection from COVID19 and other airborne viruses. High moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, lightweight, stretchy and versatile.

Wear this multi-functional bandeau as a face covering when travelling or out in public to indicate that the wearer or someone in their party has a hidden disability and may need some extra time, care or patience.

5. Zip Up Outdoor Mittens (£14.99)

Keep hands warm and dry with these water-resistant side opening mittens. Ideal for outings, they are not only easy to get on and off but also feature a stay put elastic strap too.

Mittens can be tricky to put on and gloves near impossible for many adults and children with special needs or disabilities. Seenin has solved the problem with this ingenious range of side opening mittens.

The Hook and Loop; side closures allow hands to easily slide into the mittens and then the elastic wrist strap can be secured with the small Hook and Loop; tab to ensure they stay in place. Designed for adults and children with cosy soft fleece lining for warmth..