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Vaila from Inclusive home joins the Bibetta Team to help with Social Media

Posted by Vaila Morrison, The Inclusive Home on

My name is Vaila, and I'm going to be working with Care Designs, to help out on social media!

I'm an architect by profession, and a mum of two young children, passionate about inclusive design and stylish accessible products.

My 8 year old daughter (pictured) has an ultra rare genetic condition. She is one of only 200 world-wide, currently diagnosed with her genetic glitch! Her condition means that she requires help with eating and personal care, so I came across Care Designs through our own use of the products!

We use Care Designs bandanas, tabards and changing mat daily, so I'm really excited to be working with the team to help let more people know about the fab products!

I am going to use my experience to help Bibetta reach out to more people and keep up to date and get involved with issues that affect their customers.

I'm really looking forward to connecting with you!